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Centenary School End of Term 1 Newsletter

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The Headmistress’ Desk:

  It has been an exciting and rewarding term for both pupils and staff.

  The teachers have continually utilized different teaching techniques to develop further learning concepts as well as new learning experiences being instituted with the use of various programs at different levels. Centenary school has established itself as a reputable school in the province as well as the country at large.

As a school, we are fully embracing the new curriculum, with ECD A, grades 1 and 3already implementing it.

I’m happy and honoured to be able to carry on the good reputation. As we journey together towards the school vision we will face new challenges but with the help of the Board of Governors, P.L.C., parents and hardworking staff.

I am confident that we will continue to take on the challenges and achieve excellence in all the spheres of our education system


We bid farewell to our former headmaster – Mr M.F. Bejile and wish him a happy retirement.

We also wish Ms Jassat the ECD B teacher and Mrs T Isselbacher the Art teacher every success in  their future endeavours.


We extend a warm welcome to Mrs Y Chicksen who will be taking  over  as   an Art teacher and Ms C De Villers who will be taking our ECD classes.

ECD A Class

Enrolment for the ECD A Class is in progress for Term 2 2017. These are 3+ year olds.
Their fees are as follows: Tuition – $600
PLC Levy $ 60 Total    $660

There is no development fee. It will be paid when they are in ECD B. Parents are being encouraged to enrol early as it will be on a first come first serve basis.

Theme for Term 2 – Books Light up our World

This is in line with our book swap emphasis introduced this term. The theme will have weekly subthemes as follows:

Week 1 : Reading takes you everywhere
Week 2: Catch the reading express
Week 3: Take off with books
Week 4: Books come alive
Week 5 : Reading Safari
Week 6: Sail away with books
Week 7: Reading the sport for champions
Week 8: Read to build a better world.
Week 9: Reading for Success.

Our aim is for pupils to:
i)    read and write with confidence, fluency and understanding
ii)    Have interest in books and read for enjoyment
iii)    Learn to change the way they speak and write to suit different situations, purposes and audiences.
As we engage in the above program we are hoping you will work with us to realize our goals.

Termly Fire Drill

A termly fire drill was introduced. The first one was on Wednesday morning a day
before we closed school. It is important that we exit the children from the buildings quickly, identify where the fire is at great speed and ensure all children and staff are quickly accounted for.

I’m proud to say that the children exited the school building, were registered and areas of the school checked. All this in 2mins 50seconds. Quite a speed, I’m sure you will agree.

School fees

We wish to convey our gratitude to all the parents who paid fees on time. According  to
the school policy all school fees should be paid by the first day of school with an option of paying $600 when schools open and the balance at the end of the month ( end of  May 2017)
The school has since opened a new bank account with MBCA. Parents can deposit school fees on the following new Account.
Account Name : Centenary School Trust

Account Number : 171034000057

Branch: Leopold Takawira

Weather Next Term

Next Term promises to be quite a cold term. Please ensure that your child has warm clothing in the form of:

Long Navy trousers for boys and girls Maroon Jersey

Maroon Anorak

White Shirt with Centenary badge Long navy socks

Black shoes

As we enter 2nd term we are looking forward to all the activities and varied opportunities we have planned for the children. In addition to everyday learning at school we try to provide experiences through the use of sporting activities and clubs.
Please enjoy reading on to discover just a few of the experiences our children have been through in the first term.

The highlight of the term was undoubtedly the performance of the Athletics team. The team managed to clinch 1st position in the small schools category for the 2nd year running. The team won all the three Small Schools Trophies at the Inter Schools Athletics Competitions held at Petra Junior School. Special mention goes to the team captains, Asemahle Gumede and Shealtiel Msithini for their outstanding leadership on and off the track. Other athletes who did extremely well were:

  • Dione Dzimba (1St  position 2007 Girls 400m),
  • Charmaine Zuva (2nd  position Junior Girls High Jump & long Jump),
  • Ryan Sanangurai (3rd  position 2009 boys 200m).

The 2008 boys, 2009 Girls and boys also deserve special mention for coming out 2nd and 3rd  respectively in the relays.

For the first time as far as can be remembered in the history of the school, a grade two girl, Euodia Hando participated in the Inter-schools athletics competition held at Petra, and put up a sterling performance in the relays against her older opponents! We are expecting fireworks from Euodia next year!


The 1st Cricket team boys managed to finish in 2nd position, in a 12 team tournament at a Cricket Tournament held at CBC earlier in the term. The team lost narrowly to a  touring Zambian School, Musikili in the finals of the tournament. The team outclassed our more fancied opponents such as Whitestone in the group stages, Carmel in the quarter finals and won a highly intense semi-final against Petra by 9 runs thereby booking a slot in the final against Musikili from Zambia.


6 swimmers from Centenary School represented the Province with great distinction at the National Swimming Championships.

  • Onesimus Ngwenya,
  • Nsikelelo Sibanda,
  • Nathan Ngwenya,
  • Tichatonga Makaya,
  • Andile Mhlophe
  • Emmanuel Sibanda

The boys put up outstanding performances at the National Championships thereby winning a lot of medals for the province.

How have the Ngwenya boys made a name for themselves in swimming?

When asked about how the boys have made it to this level of swimming, this is what the parents had to say:
Started learning at the age of five through City Council pools being taught by City Council staff especially Mr Soganile.
What has taken them to where they are now?
•    Intensive training at times twice a day
•    Proper diet according to their physiology which took us a bit of time to understand
•    Encouragement from friends and family and teachers
•    Encouraging each other during training because at times it can be tough
•    Understanding that losing some races is part of the game
•    Understanding that they are racing against time which means with every swim they must always get PBs. PBs are their Personal Best times
•    Balancing between school and sports. Sport teaches them to be focused and disciplined
•    As parents we at times motivate them by training them and making time to support them in their sport activities and showing interest in their sport and academic activities.
•    At times it calls for forgoing other things and concentrating on their activities
•    They need to understand that a champion is made during training hence, they need to work hard during training if they want to achieve better PBs
•    Exposure to other international galas so they understand the standard of swimming e.g South African Level 2 galas
•    listening to the coaches and respecting all team/club mates
•    They also understand that Prayer is important and the  key to success


The sport was introduced as part of our extra mural activities. The girls who have shown great enthusiasm in the newly introduced sport will undoubtedly excel in the coming years.
Three of our pupils made us proud by flying our school flag high in the N M Tennis Tournament that was held at BAC sports Club from the 31st to 2nd April 2017. Onika Ndlovu and her brother Dabwiso both emerged winners and clinched gold medals in their respective Under 12 girls and under 10 boys categories, while Dean Femayi won a silver medal in the under 10 boys category.

Art Department

Dear Parents and Guardians,
Please make a trip to the Trade Fair grounds in the Agriculture section, to see some of the pupils art work on display.  I hope to hear of prize winners next term.

From Mrs Isselbacher – outgoing Art teacher

Easter Festivities

With the Easter holidays around the corner Centenary School was not left out in the excitement. Every class had to search for Easter eggs for their class. A series of clues
were all over the school and excitement was shown over all over their faces as they tried to figure out where all the eggs were hidden. For them to succeed they had to work as a team.

After the Easter Egg hunt was the Easter Bunny Hat Show, which showcased creativity and style. A big thank you to the parents for coming up with very interesting Centenary designer hats as seen from the photos below:

ECDB winners
ECDB winners
junior classes winners
Junior classes winners

Thank you all for the support over the busy term and we trust you will all have a safe and enjoyable Easter holiday.





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