Meet the new parents

Meet The Teacher and Special Welcome To First Time New Parents

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Meet the Teacher

Every class held the “Meet The Teacher” event in the 2nd week, as per annual school calendar, every start of Term 1.  This gives the opportunity to every class teacher and specialist teachers to introduce themselves to parents in the new grade, interact and establish relationships all for the benefit of our learners.  Teachers highlight their expectations, and the Headmistress also managed to interact with some parents and shared a word or two on the school vision as the school forges ahead to deliver, through the newly adopted adage “Business unusual”, instead of “Business as usual”

Meet the New Parents Breakfast Session

The school took the initiative to welcome 1st time new parents to Centenary, in a special warmly occasion, through a brief breakfast session.  This saw all new parents to the school being invited to an early morning special welcome ceremony on Tuesday 16 January 2018.. The new Parents were addressed by he headmistress, Mrs A. Tshuma, the PLC-Chairman, Mr. Mnkandla and the school Sports Director, Mr. G. Dube. 


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