centenary primary school bulawayo parent liaison committee

Parents Liaison Committee

The Centenary School Trust is the Responsible Authority. The School Trust operates under a Board of Trustees as well as a Board of Governors. There is also a Parent Liaison Committee (PLC). The head and deputy are ex-officio members of both the Board of Governors and the Parents Liaison Committee (PLC).  In addition to carrying out fund raising activities for the school, the PLC is also responsible for carrying out developmental projects within the school.

The school PLC boasts of several school development projects, the latest which include, among several others, the school bus, acquired in 2018, and the 1st 2 Interactive Boards of the school.


Centenary Primary School PLC 2019

1. Mr. MnkandlaChairman
2. Dr. SedzeVice Chairman
3. Mrs Z. MoyoSecretary
4. Miss N. MoyoVice Secretary
5. Mr. MashavaveTreasurer
6. Mr. S. SibandaMember
7. Mrs. NyamangaraMember
8. Mrs. DeneckerMember
9. Mrs. TshumaHeadmistress
10. Mr. DubeSports Master