The New Normal:E-Learning

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No one would have predicted the extent to which the Corona virus would turn our school calendar into a total shift the way it has done! Indeed what an era in our whole entire academic history!

Nevertheless, as a school we had to quickly adapt by adopting and embracing e-learning with both hands and receptive mindsets!

The school is proud and wishes to applaud all the parties involved (the board members, headmistress, teachers, office staff, parents/guardians, the Econet company and the marvellous Centenarians, for gracefully taking on the new normal head on, as we continue with our not so new normal anymore! Keep it up Team Centenary, continue to Strive for Excellence

Even though we miss our traditional term 2 school activities, we are enjoying our online teaching/learning, a big thank to all the parents/guardians for being assistant teachers at home!

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